Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another display of early fans Sunday, September 11th, San Jose, Calif.

Autos in History Park, just part of the show.  Click to enlarge photo.
Updated 10-12-11

I "found" this wonderful show two years ago and have been asked to display my early fans at this year's event.  Information is posted at

You can find me and my fans somewhere on the grass area to the right of the light tower over the street.

A glimpse of last years show-

History Park is part of Kelly Park in San Jose, CA and is a re-creation of an old town complete with an operating historic trolly with free rides during the show.  Admission is free and the show is officially from noon to 5 pm Sunday, Sept, 11.  Cars will enter the show starting at 9:30 so you will likely be able to enter the park at that time.  Vehicles are limited to unmodified cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and other misc. prior to 1945.  No hot rods!  I would guess that there will be several hundred vehicles at the show plus old gas engines and other mechanical marvels.  Come check out the show and some nice early fans including an 1889 C&C, 1892 Holtzer, Edison battery fan, 1900 Westinghouse Tesla, R&M feathervane, Western Electric bipolar, early ornate Diehl, GE panckake, 1904 all nickel plated German AEG, early ECK DC ball motor and many more.  You will love this show!

Click on the link to aGoogle map, then satellite view for show location.,+san+jose,+ca&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

I loaded all the fans I could fit into my Rav4 and headed to the show with my brother and a friend.  I think I had about 15 of my best or favorite fans and that proved to be a good number.  Compared to the last show I did at Rengstorff House in Menlo Park, the turnout was, as expected, much larger.  I think the visitors to the car show really enjoyed seeing the old fans and seeing them operate.  I enjoyed the day and did get to see the old cars if only briefly.
Photos of this year's show.

This is the canopy provided by the show organizers which worked out very well.  Electric power was also provided.

As for the cars, they were pre-1945, cars, trucks, motorcycles and some other mechanical items such as old farm engines.  The oldest car was probably the 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile, one of my favorites.  Many Model T and A Fords but a wonderful array of other makes, years, and sizes of cars.  A special display of Model T (and A) speedsters intrigued my brother so much that he has already purchased an old Model T frame to begin a speedster.  I can't wait for a ride!   Check out this show next year if you can.  I'll probably be there but without the fans.  I want more time to see all the neat cars and displays.


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  2. Please contact me with photos if your fan is an early DESK FAN. I am not familiar with other types of old fans and it sounds like you may have a large window or floor fan that I know nothing about. You can post your want ad on the Antique Fan Collectors Association forum under But-Sell-Trade.

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