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Antique Fans For Sale

c. 1897 Westinghouse "Tesla" (not for sale)

The following original condition fans are offered for sale.   Most are unrestored, unpolished, and with original paint and finishes, mostly in very good or better condition and most dating from the 1920s or earlier.   Price and details of each fan are provided below.   Buyer pays shipping.

To avoid confusion, the FOR SALE FANS (below) are only in this one blog with the heading Antique Fans For Sale.   Immediately at the end of this blog are other older blogs with fan photos.  Those blogs are all information blogs and none of the fans pictured are for sale.

Any questions?  415-453-7790 (Steve)    Call to request more photos.   Please leave a message if you don't get me and I will return your call promptly.

Local pickup is available 20 miles north of San Francisco.  Payment by PayPal to "family and friends" with no fees to me, or you pay the fee.  Personal check, USPO Money Order, or cash are ok with fan being shipped after check clears.

Shipping by Fed Ex Ground to a US address only or contact me for options.   I will personally pack each fan so you can be assured of receiving it without damage.   I have a special way to pack fans with the blade and cage on and the fan will need nothing assembled.   I have shipped over 100 fans with no damage.    Member of the Antique Fan Collectors Association since 2001.

For a shipping quote please phone me.  I will need all of the following:
1. Name   2. Shipping address (home or business?)  3. Your phone number   4. Your email address

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 #294  R&M 16" geared oscillator, 1911 model.    This is a rare first year model of the R&M geared oscillators which used a motor made by Westinghouse for this one year only before R&M switched to a motor of their own design.   The motor has a centrifugal start switch and a clutch of sorts to allow the fan to stop oscillating if it hits something- that's what the extra knob is on top of the gearbox.   Runs well on three speeds which are very closely spaced.  The guard is a Westinghouse style with square back ring as used only in 1911.  The Japan is very good with no rust and with good original pinstripes.  It should clean and polish out very well if you want that extra shine.   The fan is pretty much as I got it and did not need repairs or parts.    The switch is made of cast iron and is the same as the ones used on the R&M lollipop fans.  No cracks, chips, or repairs in the cast iron and there is no pot metal used on the fan.  The neck swivel is a little loose.  Brass blade and guard are in excellent condition with no bends, creases, breaks or repairs and have the original "dipped and lacquered" finish.  The original headwire is in serviceable condition with some tape on it.   The power cord an old lamp zip cord you will want to replace.
$795  plus shipping.


 Fans below line have been sold

Fans below have been sold

#375  SOLD  GE  12"  1913 "round-back oscillator" in very good original condition.  Runs and oscillates smoothly on all three speeds with good speed separation.   This fan is as I got it from Bill Voigt's collection but I have given it a quick oil, added some grease to the gearbox and test run it for 40 minutes after which it was just slightly warm to the touch.  A thorough cleaning and lubrication should be done on the fan before extensive running.   There is a slight knocking when running that went away when I placed the fan on a piece of foam sheet on my tabletop.   Motor, base, and yoke are made of cast iron (except for the die-cast rear motor plate and gearbox).  There is nothing missing, broken, bent or cracked including the die-cast parts of the fan which are solid with no cracks or repairs.   I have not had the fan apart but it does run well All parts have factory original finishes in good condition.  The oscillator disk is made of brass on this earliest model round-back.  The head wire is the original one in very good condition, the power cord is an older replacement but serviceable. The blade and guard are in very good condition and have never been polished still retaining the original "dipped and lacquered" finish that this fan had.
$365  plus shipping  SOLD

#149  SOLD. Emerson 24646 12" oscillator, 1918, unrestored original.
Brass blade,  cast iron hub, steel cage, all cast iron motor and base.   Made for two years, 1917-18, making this a not too often seen model and the first cone base Emerson.  Fan is all original other than the newer power cord.  It runs and oscillates as it should; smoothly and with excellent speed separation among the three speeds and no whining, buzzing or other 'bad' sounds.  Finish is the original black Japan in fair to good condition and with some small areas of light rust at the bottom edges of the base.  The blades have a lot of deposits on the front and are in perfect condition otherwise with no bends or other damage to the brass wings. I think the Japan will clean and shine up beautifully.   I have used this for many hours years ago with no problems at all; it runs super well.   I just ran it for 40 minutes with the motor getting barely warm to the touch.   Two brass acorn nuts from the bottom strut mounts and the oil fill flip cap are missing.  The headwire is original with outer cover partially missing.   I see nothing else missing, broken, repaired or needing repair.   The porcelain switch is in excellent condition.  This is a very nice fan that should clean up beautifully knowing how durable Emerson's Japan finish was.
$225. plus shipping.  SOLD

#B183   SOLD  GE 6" Series G brass blade desk fan, c.mid 1920s
This fan has not been restored or repainted and appears to be in nearly new condition.   It has all original GE factory finish and runs as well as it looks with bearings that must have close to no wear.   This may be the in the best condition you will ever see one.  The original box is included, the top has been torn off. This fan is from Bill Voigt's collection.

$495. plus shipping  SOLD

#347  SOLD  Century Model S-3 16" Model 142, c.1920  
5-speed non-oscillator enclosed motor.
A rarely seen enclosed motor STATIONARY fan with cast iron motor and stamped steel base in very good original condition.   No pot metal on this one.  This is near the last of the quality Century 5-speed models and works well.  This fan was working when I got it but not when I tested it after posting here for sale so I am selling it as-is.  I re-visted this fan with a fan collector friend on 9-28-18 and it started up and ran on all speeds.  Trying again it needed a slight push to run.  I ended up running it for at least 20 minutes and it ran great and remained barely warm.  There is something going on with the motor but I don't know what.   More work on the fan reveals what the problem most likely is; worn bearing(s).  Turning the fan motor upside down the fan runs great and will even start on the slow, 5th speed.  I can feel some up and down play on the front of the motor shaft.  Consider this fan needs to have at least a new front bearing.    I should have taken a photo of the rotor to show its beautiful construction.   Has brass blade and old style wrapped steel cage.  Cage has one broken wire at the rear ring (at 5:30 o'clock) and needs a connector installed on the bottom of the front ring.   No missing parts or other problems.  Original black Japan is in great condition and has not been detailed or polished.   The blade is in excellent condition with no damage, chips, loose rivets or other problems.   A very nice, uncommon fan in great running and cosmetic condition.   20-1/2" high, 17-3/4" wide,  8-1/2" deep,  21 pounds                            
$140 + shipping  SOLD

VOLTS 110  CYCLES 60  NO.105620
PATENTED DEC. 29, 1914

#207   GE 12" Form S 6-wing oscillator, 1916
1916 Form S3 two-star oscillator with 6 pole motor in very good original unrestored condition.  Brass blade and cage.  Runs well on all three speeds   There is a “rubbing” sound which goes away when the motor is tilted forward that sounds like it may be a missing fiber washer on the rear of the rotor.  The oscillation works.  The plastic switch covering has broken off.  Brass finish and paint is all original.  The blade has no dents or other problems and runs pretty true.  The cage is without any breaks.    Call for more info  415-453-7790
Sold  $425  Sold + shipping or local free pickup near San Francisco.

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#280  SOLD Greybar 12" Quiet Blade oscillating fan, 1934-35
This is a re-badged GE model made for Western Electric's Greybar division and is identical to the GE model other than the cage badge and motor tag.  Excellent all original condition and finish including original base felt- the power cord is an older replacement.   The aluminum blades have never been polished and have no bends or dings in them.   Runs and oscillates well on the three different speeds.
15 pounds, 17-1/2" high, 10" deep, 13-1/2" wide approx.
$235 + shipping.  sold  My careful packing will get the fan to you undamaged via Fed Ex Ground.
Added 5-16-18

Badge is printed- extra caution will be used to protect in shipping.

The following three GE 12" Quiet Blade fans are all stylesof the 12" GE Quiet Blade fans 
made in the years 1934-41.  Individual photos and prices for each fan are shown below.
All three quiet blade fans below are sold.

Left to Right:  1934-35 GE Quiet Blade 12" (first model);  1936-37 GE Quiet Blade 12";
1938-41 GE Quiet Blade 12" (last model).   Photos of individual fans shown below.

#195 SOLD   GE 12" Quiet Blade, 1934-34, Oscillator, Form AQ  
This original finish 3-speed fan runs and oscillates as it should.   There is nothing missing or broken.   Headwire is original in good condition, power cord is new but not period.  Three holes in the base to mount to a wall, etc. were enlarged from ¼" to ⅜" before I got the fan.  The blades are straight and run with little vibration.
$145.00 SOLD plus shipping




#35   SOLD GE 12" Quiet Blade, 1936-37 model oscillator, Form AS
A very good, straight, original fan in good running and oscillating condition.  Runs on three different speeds.  Blade is somewhat out of balance but there are absolutely NO creases or visible bends to the blades.  Original paint, v.g. original headwire and original felt.  Several screws to hold on the base plate are missing or incorrect.   I have had this fan since 2001 and it remains as I got it.   The power cord was cut flush to the base but looks like it was the original cord.  There is enough wire sticking out to put my clip lead on to test the fan which started up right away.  I added a few drops of Zoom-Spout oil to the bearings so they would not be dry.  This is the second of three different designs of the largest GE Quiet Blade.
$145.00  SOLD  plus shipping




#206 SOLD   GE 12" Quiet Blade, 1938-41 model oscillator
This model is the last of the Quiet Blade fans from GE and is quite scarce.   It resembles the GE "Vortalex" introduced in 1938 but this Quiet Blade model differs in that the struts are separate from the cage instead of being integral with the cage wires.   The motors are also different in the way the cage mounts to the motor.  Fan runs smoothly on all three speeds and oscillates as it should.  There are no problems with this fan; the finish is 100% original including the cords and plug with the GE monogram on the plug blades.  Power cord needs to be shortened a few inches where it enters the base to eliminate bare wire area.  The fan blades have never been polished and are straight and run very close to perfectly true.  The felt base I may have recovered years ago- it looks perfect.   This is the cleanest and also the hardest to find of the three Quiet Blade fans I have for sale.
$225.00 SOLD  plus shipping

#372  SOLD  GE 12" AOU oscillator, Form K, 1930.  This 3-speed fan is completely original from paint to both cords and plug (with GE monogram on each prong) and felt.  It runs and oscillates as a new fan and has had the gearbox grease replaced and oil cups and wicks cleaned and serviced.  There are no problems or items that need to be fixed.    Blades are aluminum (first year) and motor and base are drawn steel.  Brass GE monogram on cage.
$250 SOLD + shipping

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#112  SOLD Century S-4 stationary, 16"  Purchased in 2003 as you see it here from long time AFCA member Terry Eisenbeisz, the fan is missing the switch and one oil cup and does not run although the motor tries to run when given a push; it may need some centrifugal start switch cleaning or other work.  I will include an old and somewhat repaired Century switch from another fan that may be of some use to the buyer.  Blade is from a later enclosed Century S-3 5-speed model.  Cast iron motor and cast iron base are in great shape with no cracks.   With some work this will be a beautiful and rare fan.  Selling as-is. 
$925  +  shipping.  SOLD


# B-124  SOLD  Century 9" S1 Model 16, c.1918, Brass Blade and Cage Fan.
This smallest Century fan is a somewhat rare model and one of the few small Century fans with a stamped steel motor and base.   This fan runs smoothly on all three speeds and oscillates well.  From an old time collection, this is the nicest one I have seen with a near perfect blade that still has its bright original "dipped and lacquered" finish with visible brush strokes from the application of the lacquer.  The cage has some tarnished areas but there are no bends, breaks, or repairs.  The original headwire is serviceable with some wear at the motor.  The newer power cord is in excellent condition.
Approximate dimensions are 13" tall, 10" wide, 7-1/4" deep, 9-3/8" blade diameter,  weight 10 pounds.   Motor tag is marked Frame S3, Model 16, No. 46541, Volts 110, Cycles 60               8/16/17
$295 + shipping  SOLD

#101 SOLD Colonial 16" front oscillator c.1910.  A beautiful, all original and rare 5-tab-foot fan with original black Japan finish in excellent condition.  The solid brass blade and cage are excellent with no bends, dings, loose rivets broken or bent wires or other damage and both the blade and the cage have the original lacquer finish having never been polished.  A 3-speed fan but is running on the same speed in each of the speed lever positions.   The fan starts up slowly with some noise but, once up to speed, it's smooth and quiet and oscillates as it should.  I'm pretty sure this fan has an internal starting switch that probably needs some cleaning.   The original porcelain switch has no cracks and the switch speed position markings are still visible on the base.   The original thumbscrew is in place to put into different holes in the oscillator disc to change degree of oscillation or to have the fan remain stationary.  Fan's motor and base are all of solid cast iron construction and there is no pot metal anywhere in the fan.   110 volts, 60 cycles.
21" tall, 17-3/4" wide, 11-3/8" deep, weighs 27 pounds.                                          12-9-17
$595 + shipping  SOLD

#303  SOLD GE 16" Type AOU oscillator, Cat. No. 75425, Form AC, 1923, brass blade, steel cage, 110 volts, 60 cycles.   A 100% original fan in very good working and cosmetic condition.  Original dark green paint, original power and head cords and plug, original felt on base.   The three speeds have good speed separation.  Oscillation is very smooth and even.   The plug has a small chip and there is some vibration when running.  Cast iron motor and base with no cracks or chips.  Blade is straight with original lacquer finish.  Oil cup has a new felt wick.    $175 + shipping

#283  SOLD  GE 16" Type AOU oscillator, Cat. No. 75425, Form V, 1920, brass blade and BRASS CAGE factory painted dark green, 110 volts, 60 cycles.  Very original dark green fan with a brass cage when GE was using the last of the wrapped steel cages.  Maybe they were using up older brass cages but this cage is all non-magnetic and with the original factory paint.  Runs good and oscillates on all three speeds but seems a little down on power.   Note; the oil cup under the front bearing is missing.   It is a standard GE brass oil cup with spring loaded felt wick that should not be too hard to find (  Original head wire has some fraying.  Power cord is an older replacement.   Cast iron motor and base have no cracks or chips.   $175 + shipping

#72 SOLD  Emerson Type 24648 c.1918,  Brass Blade and Cage Fan.   This one is a super nice and all original Emerson 16" oscillator with cast iron blade hub and the original ball detent oscillator disc.  The blade wings are perfect and the fan runs quite smoothly.   The cage is perfect with the very domed badge that was unique of the 24xxx types.  Excellent original headwire from base to motor with no frays or tape.   The black Japan finish is excellent and original and has not been rubbed out.  This is about as nice of an original Emerson as you will find.   $450 SOLD + shipping 

#359 SOLD GE 'small' Vortalex oscillator, 8-1/2" diameter blade, in exceptionally nice all original condition down to the power cord with molded white "GE" plug.   This one is from 1946 and has the better quality felt base held on by screws.  A one speed fan, it runs very well with a small amount of vibration.  
$135 SOLD

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