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Antique Fans For Sale

c. 1897 Westinghouse "Tesla"

The following very good original fans are being offered for sale.   All are unrestored, unpolished, and with original paint and finishes, mostly in very good or better condition and dating from the 1920s or earlier.   Price and details of each fan are provided below.   Shipping is to be paid by the buyer.

To avoid confusion, the FOR SALE FANS are only in this one blog with the heading Antique Fans For Sale.   Immediately at the end of this blog are other older blogs with fan photos.  Those blogs are all information blogs and none of the fans pictured are for sale.

Any questions?  415-453-7790 (Steve)    Call to request more photos,  I usually have about 12 photos already taken of each fan which I can email to you. Please leave a message if you don't get me and I will return your call promptly.

Local pickup is available 20 miles north of San Francisco.  Payment by PayPal to "family and friends" with no fees to me, or you pay the fee.  Personal check or cash is ok with fan being shipped after check clears.

Shipping by Fed Ex Ground to a US address only.   I will personally pack each fan so you can be assured of receiving it without damage.   I am a member of the Antique Fan Collectors Association since 2001 and resident at my current address for 41 years.

For a shipping quote please phone me.  I will need all of the following:
1. Name   2. Shipping address (home or business?)  3. Your phone number   4. Your email address

------------ Fans For Sale ------------
2 fans available, see below
Updated 11-15-17     Click on any photo to enlarge; click again to make even larger

# B-124  Century 9" S1 Model 16, c.1918, Brass Blade and Cage Fan.
This smallest Century fan is a somewhat rare model and one of the few small Century fans with a stamped steel motor and base.   This fan runs smoothly on all three speeds and oscillates well.  From an old time collection, this is the nicest one I have seen with a near perfect blade that still has its bright original "dipped and lacquered" finish with visible brush strokes from the application of the lacquer.  The cage has some tarnished areas but there are no bends, breaks, or repairs.  The original headwire is serviceable with some wear at the motor.  The newer power cord is in excellent condition.
Approximate dimensions are 13" tall, 10" wide, 7-1/4" deep, 9-3/8" blade diameter,  weight 10 pounds.   Motor tag is marked Frame S3, Model 16, No. 46541, Volts 110, Cycles 60
$295 + shipping


#303  GE 16" Type AOU oscillator, Cat. No. 75425, Form AC, 1923, brass blade, steel cage, 110 volts, 60 cycles.   A 100% original fan in very good working and cosmetic condition.  Original dark green paint, original power and head cords and plug, original felt on base.   The three speeds have good speed separation.  Oscillation is very smooth and even.   The plug has a small chip and there is some vibration when running.  Cast iron motor and base with no cracks or chips.  Blade is straight with original lacquer finish.  Oil cup has a new felt wick.    $175 + shipping  Possible sale pending.  Contact me if interested and I will let you know if fan has not sold.

#283  SOLD  GE 16" Type AOU oscillator, Cat. No. 75425, Form V, 1920, brass blade and BRASS CAGE factory painted dark green, 110 volts, 60 cycles.  Very original dark green fan with a brass cage when GE was using the last of the wrapped steel cages.  Maybe they were using up older brass cages but this cage is all non-magnetic and with the original factory paint.  Runs good and oscillates on all three speeds but seems a little down on power.   Note; the oil cup under the front bearing is missing.   It is a standard GE brass oil cup with spring loaded felt wick that should not be too hard to find (  Original head wire has some fraying.  Power cord is an older replacement.   Cast iron motor and base have no cracks or chips.   $175 + shipping

Fans below this line have been sold___________________________________________________

#72 SOLD  Emerson Type 24648 c.1918,  Brass Blade and Cage Fan.   This one is a super nice and all original Emerson 16" oscillator with cast iron blade hub and the original ball detent oscillator disc.  The blade wings are perfect and the fan runs quite smoothly.   The cage is perfect with the very domed badge that was unique of the 24xxx types.  Excellent original headwire from base to motor with no frays or tape.   The black Japan finish is excellent and original and has not been rubbed out.  This is about as nice of an original Emerson as you will find.   $450 + shipping 

#359 SOLD GE 'small' Vortalex oscillator, 8-1/2" diameter blade, in exceptionally nice all original condition down to the power cord with molded white "GE" plug.   This one is from 1946 and has the better quality felt base held on by screws.  A one speed fan, it runs very well with a small amount of vibration.  

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