Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to my Early Fans blog

My interests have been captivated by old electric fans for many years now and, more recently, by the earliest of fans; those made prior to about 1905.  This blog will concentrate on fans made during the 1885 to 1915 period.  I hope to include photographs, historic information, and anything else that will be of interest to those who love these old fans and want to learn more about them.
Photographs posted on this blog are from many sources including my own photos and some from my files. I desire to give credit to the owner of the photo but, in many cases I do not know who that is.  If you are the owner of a posted photo please contact me and I will be happy to give you credit or to remove the photo at your request.   I hope you enjoy my blog.
I welcome any corrections, photos, or additional information about early fans and can be contacted at 415-453-7790 pacific time.
Periodically I will add more photos and information to older blog posts.  Look for the "added" date in red as above this paragraph.

Some fans of 1897, The Electrical Engineer
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  1. Great new website! It will be a great benefit and education to all who appreciate antique electric fans!

  2. Really nice work Steve! It looks really good.

  3. Thank you David and Brad for the nice comments. I hope this will become a treasured resource for those interested in early fans and I will be adding new material both in NEW posts as well as in existing posts. For my first experience with a 'website' I am very pleased so far how it looks.

  4. Steve, This is really looking great, I'm looking forward to many great new posts in the future.

  5. This is interesting! Being a mechanical engineer, you must know how a contraption begins. Thanks for the history.

  6. Steve,
    This is a great site. A lot of valuable information on pancakes. I am a new collector and started this year. I need cages for 3 pancakes, one I believe is a 1900 and two are 1906 I will have to study your information more carefully to get the years right. The 1900 does not run, I also need to get the stator checked or rewound. Appreciate any help,
    (also need blade for one 1906)
    Tony Jones AFCA Member


I welcome comments, corrections. or new information.