Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Early fan display Sunday May 22, 1911 in Menlo Park, CA (Photos added 6-8-11)

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Westinghouse "Tesla" c.1900

The show was fun, the weather great, and a fair number of visitors seemed to be interested in the early fans.  Many stopping by my booth had no idea that people collected old fans.  I was surprised at the number of women who were curious about the fans and appreciated them.  Should I do another show I will take fewer than the 27 fans for this event.  I think too many can confuse those who know little about old fans.  
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The Rengstorff House was built in 1857 by German immigrant Henry Rengstorff who came to California in 1850 during the gold rush.  He built his house on 164 acres near the marshland east of Menlo Park, CA, south of San Francisco.  By 1979 the house stood abandoned and vandalized.  Moved in 1979 to its present location in Shoreline Park, restoration was completed in 1991 and the house opened to the public.  

One happy fan collector surrounded by early electrical marvels dating from 1889-1922


  1. Do you have any info on shares in Non-Electric Fan Co. l915 circa? Found in late grandparents papers., Thank you for any info.

  2. I'm sorry, I have no information on the Non-Electric Fan Co. I checked Kurt House's book ANTIQUE MECHANICAL FANS and the company was not listed. Nor is it listed on the AFCA site which lists over 800 early fan manufacturers. A quick Google search did not turn up anything. I would l love to see what the fan looked like and how it was powered.

  3. I have a R&M 5904 c or 5904 0 fan that was used by Ohio Edison Electric company (has a tag) but I can't find that list series in the charts above. Can anyone give me a ballpark year when it was made?

  4. As I have posted before, R&M fans are hard to find information on many of their models. I was unable to find any eBay listing for a List 5904 or one in our fan club's 'gallery' and don't know what it looks like. If you want to contact me through the CONTACT ME FORM on my blog I will email you so you can send me some photos. My interests are mostly limited to pre-1920 fans and yours is later than that, perhaps the 1930s. Wish I could help. GE, Westinghouse, Emerson and some other fans have a lot of information available through catalogs, etc. but not R&M.


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